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Minutes for November 2019

Meeting opened by current President Dennis Hakes at 1010 AM.

1. Mark Stebbins aunt and uncle, from California, welcomed and introduced.

2.  Elections.  Gene Short volentered for the general board, the only member needed at this time.  The new President will be Les Petersen, Vice President will be Leland Anderson, he requested that he will not move up to President the next year, George Jensen will be the new Secretary;   Richard Agenten will move to be a regular board member.  Parker Nicholson will remain as Treasurer. These positions will be effective on January  first of 2019.  Present members are agreeable.  Dennis Hakes spoke about the last meeting at Aaron Hammers place and , in spite of all the rain, what a pleasant experience it was.  

3.  Web site by Jacqui Marlin.  She stated that the site is paid for up to two years, with unlimited pages.  Ideas discussed for selling our bowls on the web site.  

4.  Aaron Hammer was invited to teach at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Aaron explained what he would be teaching, and what the school is like.  He was applauded for his accomplishment.

5.  President asked group how they feel about not having as many rules about who gets into our show or doesn’t and fees for members and west side turners.  Members indicated that they had nothing unsual happen during last year’s show.

6.  Club challenge by Gene Short.  This months challenge is to turn a natural edge bowl.  All turnings presented by members and the winners were:  Number 1, Russell Kohashi, Number 2 Les Petersen, Number 3 Mark Stebbins.   Next months challenge is to turn bring a “rescued” turning that was damaged previously.

7.  Secretaries report by Richard Agenten.  Richard said that this will be the last meeting he will report on and that George Jensen will be taking over this position.  He will continue to bring coffee and donuts for meetings for the time being.  

8.  Show dates are March 2nd is take in, March 8th is the reception and March 30th is the close and meeting.  President suggested that maybe we will have videos instead of live demos.  Demos could be of our own members doing the videos.  This is because of the problem of getting nonprofit status for the club and if we did, then insurance for the show could be gotten.  Mark Stebbins will produce the cards and posters.

9. Treasurer report Parker Nicholson.  He revealed the problems entailed to do the forms required to register being nonprofit.  After talking to members of the legal and financial communities to do this was not able to find someone to take this on.  He said he is not willing to do this himself because of the amount of work to do.  

10.  Nonprofit status.  The in and outs of incorpating as a nonprofit discussed.  Bob Masuda will help Richard Agenten and Karen Stebbins full out forms to get the nonprofit fulfilled.  Rules for having a nonprofit discussed.  Dennis Hakes will contact the west side turners to see if they want to participate  with our club in a nonprofit.  

11.  Next meeting will be on January 12th, 2019.  And be at Pat and Dons place unless things change.  Members will be emailed if changes are made.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes for September 2018

1.  Meeting called to order by President Dennis Hakes at 10:15 AM.  Thanks expressed to Aaron Hammer for inviting us to have our meeting at his shop.

2.  New members.  One new person present asked to sign in but he did not.  

3.  Members commented about the heavy rain today and difficult parking.

4.  Secretaries report,  Richard Agenten.  Richard reminded group that next meeting in November will be his last meeting as Secretary.  Members advised that George Jensen has indicated that he will be taking over.  He is not here today.

5.  Treasures report by Parker Nicholson.  Parker says he has been thinking about becoming the new president but stated he wants to make some changes he feels are needed to make the club more successful.  He enumberated the changes he would like to make and these discussed at length by the members present today.   Opinions expressed by members as to what they would like the club to be. Parker said that he would like to market our bowls and look for more venues to sell our turnings.  Parker reported all money tranactions and what the finanical status of the club. Parker will also try to find the list of club equipment, needs to talk to John Mydock.  

6.  Web page, Jacqui Marlin.  She explained that she is working on the site.  Has not been able to find out how it will cost but she will send info when she finds out.   Idea of charging dues for membership in club discussed.

7.  Election of BOD.  It was pointed out that a full BOD to get AAW to support our annual show.  Bylaws discussed and how they fit into chosing the new BOD.  

8.  President informed group that he is starting to look into what is needed for our next years show.  Suggested a brouchur be made for welcoming new members, possible very large turning to attracht attention.  Demo contact for West Side turners will be Mark Stebbins.    

9.  Club challenge Gene Short.  Challenge was to add something turned to something you use around the house or shop.  Gene Short and Mark Stebbins were winners.  Next challenge will be to turn a natural edge piece and todays demo will show how to do it. Demo will be given by Aaron Hammer.

10.  Next meeting will be at the Forestry Center in Hilo date in November to be announced.  Lunch and then excellent demo by Aaron.

Meeting Adjourned.