Big Island Woodturners

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Minutes of May Meeting 

Meeting called to order by President Les Pedersen

Treasurers Report Parker Nicholson

From the show

Sponsor income $1500

10% of sales $ 551.30

Expenses $1668.00

Net $551.30

It was reported that 2 sponsors checks had not reached 

the treasurer so once that takes place, the show income will

have another $1000. Because this year our expenses were much

lower, the show will have made more money than last year.

The current balance on hand $4364.29

Secretary's Report - George Jensen

Everyone was told they need to sign in. After this year, anyone

who has not attended at least 2 meetings will be dropped from

the email list.

Stuart Batty wants to come back to do demos. He charges

$800/day. A vote from the membership indicated they wanted

him back to do the demo. The date will be announced later.

Gene Short introduced the participants in the challenge. 

There were 4 entries.

The winners were: 1st Gene Short 2nd Les Pederson 3rd (tie)

George Jensen & Mark Stebbins.

The next challenge is to make a toy.

A short discussion on wood choice was made.

Mark did a demonstration of how this meetings challenge was 


Date and location of next meetin to be announced.

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