Big Island Woodturners

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Minutes of BIW 3/30/2019 meeting

Meeting was called to order by Les Pederson.

Raffle tickets were handed out for a drawing to be held later in the meeting.

New members were introduced.

Parker gave his treasurers report. $4423 on hand. Does not include money from the show.

George gave his secretaries report urging members to sign in if they wish to remain on the


email list as we are now keeping attendance per the bylaws


Dennis gave a show report. HIAA now handles everything including taxes and shipping. We

 had $5513 in sales which means $551.30 goes to the club.

Peoples Choice voting took place during the show. John Mydock and Les Pederson won.

Artists Choice voting took place with Robert from the west side winning with his Burl On A 


Parker was the first person in the history of the show to sell the same bowl twice. Dennis 

thought he should receive an award for that. He also had one of his bowls damaged by a 


Dennis said a bowl will be given to a Parks and Recreation Dept employee who is retiring

and has been handling our show permits for years. Robert Matsuda had turned the bowl as

 part of the AAW Challenge in 2014.

Mark Stebbins has created a form letter to be used to get sponsors for the show in coming 

years. This year we printed the programs and posters in house for around $300 instead of 

$800 that it had cost us in the past. A big thanks to Codie for the use of her machine.

Dennis was nominated to run the show next year over his protests. He finally agreed to do 

it again.

A mentoring program was discussed. It was suggested the last 2 hours of a meeting be put


aside to talk about and demonstrate various topics. One topic each meeting. One on one 

training was ruled out as being too difficult for the mentor. It was suggested a new person

 be referred to Aaron for his beginners class. Other suggestions were to have a day in the 

shop, and have a one day symposium. Gene suggested having a committee to plan the

 program. Mark to organize the first meeting. Les wants to decrease the average age in the 


Les suggested that a separate section for work from mentorees be set up Have a best of 

show award for mentorees. Have 2 divisions, beginner and person with some experience but

 wants to learn more.

Aaron suggested having demos for the public at the meetings. List a schedule on the 


Dennis wants to gather wood samples that we don’t have and make another wood type 

demonstration cabinet like the two we display at the show. They are very popular. Size


needs to be 4x 7.

Challenge was to make something to serve pupus on. 2 entries. David Fithian won.

Next challenge is to make a multiaxis bowl following instructions in this latest AAW 

magazine. A copy is included as an attachment to this email. (Please see challenges page)

Next meeting will be May 4th at Les Pederson’s house.


Kelly Dunn sent the following message:

Yarn Bowl,
anyone do yarn bowls?
Hana coast gallery has a client who wants one out of Koa.
I dont do them.
anyone interested?
Kelly Dunn